• Where do your donations go?

    Giving back to your community is a noble thought and there are many worthy causes out there. But what do those causes actually do with your donations? Local Cape Town emergency foster home Heaven’s Nest made fishes from loaves in 2011 despite a sharp decrease in donations.

    “Although we are still feeling the effects of the global economic recession, we have had increased interest and support from our local community” says Eleanor Bester, co-ordinator of Heaven’s Nest. 

    “They visited and gave donations in kind, including clothing, toys, non-perishable foods and even cooked suppers and lunches. With their help, we provided a safe and loving home to 42 children in 2011 and have made some wonderful changes to the establishment too,” says Bester.

    “With the support of our sponsors, our classroom has come to fruition, with the children being provided with basic education which gives them the confidence they need to attend mainstream schools,” says Bester. “The children love to learn and the positive effects of improved confidence and development are clearly visible in them.”

    “We were also sponsored a vegetable garden. The aim of which is two-fold,” says Bester. “The vegetables can be harvested every six weeks, which allows us to provide fresh organic seasonal vegetables for the children, and what we don’t use can be sold, allowing us to provide other food, clothing and necessities.”

    “Our goals for 2012 are to strengthen our services in our classroom by getting more teachers to assist; to identify and train people who are interested in foster parenting in readiness for children to be fostered, to speed up the process; and to continue the good, quality holistic care, with the assistance of the community, corporates and all people interested in making a difference in the lives of children.”

    If you would like to get involved with Heaven’s Nest; there are many ways to do so. Please call US on (021) 703 9781; email on heavensnest@telkomsa.net or see here.


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