• Foster parents provide lifeline for child care facility in Ottery

    “In our quest to try and sustain the good quality care we strive towards at Heaven’s Nest, we would like to speak to people who are interested in fostering children” says Eleanor Bester, co-ordinator at Heaven’s Nest, an emergency children’s foster home situated in Ottery, Cape Town.  Heaven’s Nest provides a place of safety for children from 6 months to 8 years of age who have been abused, abandoned, neglected or who are affected by HIV & AIDS.

    The regular movement of children through the organisation is important as Heaven’s Nest provides temporary safe care for the period between removal from biological parents to placement back under improved conditions, or placement with foster or adoptive parents.

    The moment the child is deemed ready to be put into foster care by the statutory case worker, the search for suitable parents begins. This often takes a while, resulting in there being less room at Heaven’s Nest for another child in need to be taken in and looked after. Eleanor says, “we would like to create a ‘list’ of willing foster parents who we can go to so that when a child is ready to be fostered, the waiting period for that child to have a ‘mom and/or dad’, will be shortened and that child will get stability within a family sooner.”

    Anyone interested in fostering a child needs to be interviewed and screened with statutory organisations like Child Welfare and Social Services. Eleanor says that Heaven’s Nest “will facilitate this process and prepare you as prospective foster parents.” Foster care allows for the parents of the child to visit and is usually for a period of two years at a time. It is a rewarding opportunity to make a positive, lasting impact in the life of a child needing a loving and safe environment to grow up in.

    Although Bester says that in an ideal world these children would not require a place such as Heaven’s Nest, the reality of the situation is somewhat different.  “We are committed to providing our children with the best possible opportunities moving forward. By having a group of prospective foster parents available, we can provide the children with a stable, loving family environment sooner” concludes Bester.

    If you would like to get involved with Heaven’s Nest; there are many ways to do so. Please contact US on (021) 703 9781 or email on heavensnest@telkomsa.net.

    For more information on Foster care in South Africa, visit the government website


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