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Established in 2004. Heaven's Nest serves as an emergency foster facility for children.

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Heaven's Nest serves as an emergency foster facility for children who have been subjected to abuse, neglect or have either been affected or infected by the HIV/AIDS pandemic. Our vision is to alleviate the plight of mission is to try to alleviate the plight of such children, by providing nurturing care and building self-confidence so that they can be reintegrated into the wider community, free from stigmatisation. To break the cycle of abandonment, abuse and neglect by empowering them to become healthy, happy and well-adjusted adults. A child in need is our child indeed and cared for in the spirit of Love, Hope and Peace.


“I would like to say Thank You for allowing my daughter and her friend to have the opportunity to spend the time with the beautiful people at Heavens Nest, especially the children. She couldn’t stop talking about them last night and she became so attached to them, that she would like to know if we are able to volunteer if possible, maybe on a Saturday. We would really appreciate it, my dad was an orphan and these kids have a special place in my heart.” – Mrs Swarts


We would like to sincerely thank Spur for their participation in a recent fundraiser. Heaven’s Nest staff and volunteers are doing a shadow shift at various Spur Restaurants around Cape Town. Next Fundraiser is at Topeka Spur (Kenilworth Centre) on Tuesday 06th October 2015. Please come and dine between 5pm and 9pm – you will be helping us in our fundraising efforts.


Management and staff of Heaven’s Nest are grateful for volunteers who support us with supplies and materials. This is a list of our most needed/wished for and most commonly used items that would be a blessing to receive! Email us if you have any questions about sizes, quantity, etc. And you can also check out our wishlist clicking here.

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"There can be no keener revelation of a society's soul than the way in which it treats its children." ~ Nelson Mandela, Former President of South Africa